Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington
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All plantings of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants shall be done only by the caretaker and employees.

No planting of any sort may be placed on any lot or grave except on those lots with planting designated for them on the master plan of the park, and then only on the part of the lot so designated. The planting must be only of the kind and number selected by the superintendent.

No artificial flowers or ornaments will be allowed on any grave or lot.

No tree or shrub or growing plant may be trimmed or removed without the consent of the caretaker and such trimming and removal must be done under the directions of the caretaker.

Cut flowers may be allowed to lie flat on the graves, or they may be placed in specially made containers which are set below the surface on the turf. The caretaker will supply these containers at a small cost.

Glass jars, tin cornucopia, tin cans, baskets, or any other containers placed above the surface of the ground as flower holders shall be removed.

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55 Joy Drive - South Burlington, VT 05403
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