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Statement of the Most Reverend Christopher J. Coyne, Roman Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Burlington regarding the  racial violence in Charlottesville, VA.

I stand with my brother Catholics bishops of the United States in decrying the blatant demonstration of racism that occurred in Charlottesville VA this past weekend, "condemning the violence and hatred that have now led to one death and multiple injuries.... We offer our prayers for the family and loved ones of the person who was killed and for all those who have been injured. We join our voices to all those calling for calm.”

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia in his remarks on this tragedy, clearly states my own feelings as well, "Racism is a poison of the soul. It’s the ugly, original sin of our country, an illness that has never fully healed.” You and I as citizens of this great country, and as Catholics, must be constantly vigilant against racist attitudes, words, and behaviors within our community. But,this is also especially true of ourselves. To quote Archbishop Chaput once more, "If we want a different kind of country in the future, we need to start today with a conversion in our own hearts, and an insistence on the same in others."

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